5 must-have accessories for electric bikes

So, you’ve bought your electric bike and there’s no stopping you now! Hills – what are they? Before you get pedalling, it’s a good idea to stock up on a few crucial accessories. These five will make your ride safer, more comfortable and more fun.

1. Mini bike pump

You don’t want to get halfway through a ride, only to have to turn around because the air in your tyres isn’t going to make the distance. Instead of carrying a cumbersome, full-size pump in your bag, invest in a mini one, which you can attach to your bike frame.

2. Water bottle

Cycling is thirsty business – even for people enjoying the convenience of electric bikes. So, carry some water with you at all times. Lightweight bottles, free of nasties, are pretty affordable and can be attached to e-bikes with lightweight holders. Just don’t forget to re-fill along the way.

3. Battery pack cover

Want to get the most out of your battery pack? Keep it protected! A cover will lessen the impact of inclement weather. As anyone riding electric bikes in Sydney knows, conditions can change quickly and without much warning. One minute, things are pretty peaceful, the next, rain, wind or – even worse – a storm is blowing through.

4. Front and rear lights

Front and rear lights will help drivers to see you at night, in dark areas like thick forests and at times of low visibility, like when fog rolls in. Invest in lights that are powerful and reliable.

5. High-quality helmet

This probably sounds obvious – especially for people riding electric bikes in Australia, where helmets are mandatory – but their importance can’t be overemphasised. If you’re unlucky enough to be caught up in an accident, a helmet will maximise your chances of surviving and minimise your chances of severe injuries. Don’t just buy the first helmet waved at you – find one that’s of premium quality and fits you perfectly.


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Kask bicycle helmet by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious licensed under Creative commons 5