About Wildfire Bikes

Europe is famous for setting trends in all things cool. On a recent trip to my wife’s native Italy (and a visit to Paris afterwards), we discovered the electric bike phenomenon. Actually, they’ve been around for a long time in Europe, but sales are surging worldwide. (Below is a chart showing the increase and predicted sales in various countries).

Everyone is using them, for leisure activities as well as getting to and from work.

In Australia we love to embrace euro-trends and the demand for e-bikes is slowly catching on here. Australia has recently increased the permitted power output to 250 watts in line with Europe.

I was keen to encourage the e-bike industry in Australia, hence Wildfire Bikes was born, and is now a thriving family owned business.

If you’ve not ridden an electric bicycle yet, or even seen one, chances are you know someone who has. Perhaps you’ve seen an electric bike, but thought it was a normal bike.

I believe electric bikes can change our lifestyle for the better. They’ll encourage us to get outside more, enjoy some exercise and fresh air. They’ll go a very long way to preserving the environment and reducing those carbon emissions. They’ll save money, save time, eliminate stress – and as a by-product of all this, you get to have fun!

Electric bike share system in Madrid