Add power to your pedalling – the top 5 reasons to own an electric bike

Fundamentally, an electric bike (or e-bike) is just a regular bicycle which has been fitted with an electric motor to add power to your pedalling. An e-bike has all the advantages of a regular bicycle. It canprovide you with great exercise, fun and fresh air, zero emissions and freedom from being stuck in traffic jams!

You can still pedal normally when you choose to, and just use the motor to help out on those gruelling hills.

Basically, there are two types of e-bikes.

  • Pedalec, or pedal assisted bikes which require the cyclist to pedal in order to keep up the electric assistance.
  • Bikes with a handlebar throttle, which provide power without the need to pedal.

Electric bikes can be charged at a standard building or home power point, and recently by Australian law, the maximum allowable power output of an e-bike was increased to 250 watts.

Here’s what we consider the TOP 5 REASONS to own an e-bike.

  1. COST EFFECTIVENESS. Much cheaper than a car. No expensive petrol or diesel required. No registration, and minimum upkeep. Depending on the level of depletion of the battery, it takes 2-6 hours to recharge from a normal household power point, costing only a few cents. Average distance covered on a full charge, once again depending on usage, terrain, rider’s weight etc. is around 20-50 kilometres.
  2. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. There is no requirement for a licence and e-bikes don’t need to be registered.
  3. ENERGY EFFICIENT. E-bikes are faster than a normal bicycle and when your own body begins to run out of fuel, simply turn on the motor and enjoy the rest of the ride.
  4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Reducing your carbon tyre-print has never been easier. E-bikes don’t need petrol or oil, and batteries are kind to the environment, while using minimum energy to recharge.
  5. EASY COMMUTING. You can say goodbye to endless wasted hours stuck in traffic as you circumnavigate it on your slimline e-bike.

Even if you don’t use your e-bike every day, at the very least you’ll be using your car less frequently, getting more exercise, saving dollars, and increasing your parking options.