E-biking can change the nature of transportation – forever!

The popularity of e-bikes is exploding. In China, the world’s most populous country, tens of millions are sold every year, and anyone who has been there will know why. Traffic and pollution are not just problems in China, they are nothing short of a nightmare.

But e-biking has the potential to change transportation – worldwide.

Firstly, it’s ‘green’ – and in 2016, amid all the buzz about climate change and sustainability, that’s a good thing. But people are also simply discovering that an electric bike is not just a normal bicycle with a bit of a boost. E-bikes can open up a whole new world.

It goes without saying that if a large percentage of people gave up their daily drive and hopped on an e-bike instead, the air we breathe would be cleaner.

The riders would also be healthier. The world’s population is ageing, and e-biking is a form of exercise.

Traditional cycling, of course, is also a growing trend. Many have called it ‘the new golf’. But many are buying traditional road bikes and a set of lycra because they have written off e-biking as “cheating”. The big difference between many road bike sales and e-bike sales, however, is that e-bikes are used all the time because they’re fun. And too many new road bikes just collect dust.

E-biking is a realistic exercise option for everyone, from those who shy away from vigorous exercise to those suffering with disabilities and injuries.

And then there’s that traffic. Ever been sitting stationary in a line of cars, only to see a fit road cyclist whiz past in the bike lane? That could be you – wearing your business attire on an e-bike. In many states in Australia, bikes can also now legally get off the road altogether and join the pedestrians on the footpath.

When you get to work, your bike can go over your shoulder and into your workspace. There’s no licence, registration or insurance – let alone fines, fares or fuel – required; just a helmet. So join the e-bike revolution and let’s change the nature of transportation for good.

e-Bikes by eBike Harz licensed under Creative commons 4