Powering on – 8 tips for getting more mileage out of your e-bike

So you’ve made the decision to swap your 4 wheels and horsepower for 2 wheels and a little motor assisted pedal power.

Congratulations if you’ve joined the growing worldwide trend of commuters and leisure seekers switching to e-bikes. The environment thanks you, your body will thank you for making a healthy decision and your wallet will be eternally grateful for the extra money with which you’ll fill it.

You’ve probably done all the research before choosing your e-bike, but one of the things many people hesitate over is the range you can expect from your e-bike.

Here are some handy tricks and tips on how you can go the extra mile.

  1. Charge it. Obviously, make sure your battery is fully charged before you set out. Think of it the same way you think of your mobile phone. Create a routine at the end of each usage, where you plug the battery in and if possible let it fully re-charge.
  2. User more pedal power. If you find the battery is a little low, but you need to get out and about in a hurry, use less power assist, or less throttle, and pedal harder. This will conserve your battery’s energy.
  3. Add a second battery. Some e-bike manufacturers offer the option of adding a second battery to the bike to double the range.
  4. Think about buying a second charger. If you have a lengthy commute, for example from home to work each day, it makes sense to have a spare charger at your workplace to recharge during the day.blog-img11
  5. Replace your battery.As with most things, advancing age can cause your battery to hold less power. Every bike is different, but if you’re finding that you’re getting less and less distance out of it, you’ll need to replace it. Alsoyour battery needs to be kept away from extreme heat or cold, and it’s not advisable to leave it plugged into a power source for longer than 24 hours.blog-img12
  6. Ride more slowly.Certain conditions drain your battery faster, like wind resistance. Riding a little more slowly will help to reduce the wind drag and get you further.
  7. Get pumped.Keeping your tyre pressure constant will make a significant difference in how much physical and electric energy you’ll use. 50-60psi is the recommended pressure, but over-inflating can make your ride a lot more bumpy.blog-img13
  8. Oil your chain. Thishelps to improve the efficiency of your pedalling and can also improve the motor’s effectiveness.

With a little common sense and some basic maintenance, you can squeeze every possible kilometre out of your e-bike. But if you do happen to run out of electric power, then all you need to do is employ some extra human muscle power, and you’ll never be stranded.