Atomic Switchblade – City E-Bike – Flaming Yellow


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Aerodynamic Electric City Bike, 8ah Battery, Front Fork Swing Suspension by SR Suntour, Flaming Yellow + Black, Aluminium frame, Shimano groupset, 250-watt electric motor.

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    Coolness on Wheels

    Build and feature-wise, the Atomic Switchblade sits close to its pretty sister, the Atomic Arrow. This cutting edge hybrid electric bike is a clever blend of comfort and versatility both on-road and off the beaten track.

    But where the Switchblade shines, is its sleek, attractive aerodynamic exterior. The Atomic Switchblade looks super cool on any job, whether taking you to work on time or tackling tougher terrain in your downtime.

    The aluminium alloy Suntour front suspension is unique, in that it helps achieve the smoothest possible smooth ride while keeping the overall weight of the bike quite low.

    Battery & Style

    These days almost all our day to day technology requires battery power of some sort. However, batteries usually ruin the good looks of most electric bikes. The Atomic Switchblade conceals its battery on the wheel hub which adds stability and also keeps this e-bike’s mojo.

    The Atomic Switchblade boasts one 36 volt battery to crank out a decent 8 amp hours for up to 55 km per full charge on average conditions.

    With 6-8 hours charging time the efficiency and convenience of this bike’s battery power doesn’t get much better.

    Brains, brawn and beauty

    The Atomic Switchblade electric bike doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality and performance. This e-bike is resilient, easy to operate, and carries top notch electric bike components by Shimano, including outer 7-speed derailleur.

    The frame is constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy which not only looks sleek but is way tougher than it appears, boasting a carrying capacity of up to 100kgs. It loads and travels easily and can take on the most arduous terrains in almost any location. It has front and back mechanical ventilated disc brakes for ultimate safety and ease of maintenance and replacement.

    On board is an advanced multi-function LCD computer that allows you various levels of assistance depending on your specific requirements. Also, you can easily track your speed and distance with the integrated speedometer.

    The Switchblade comes with sharp looking Kenda tyres for excellent performance across all terrains. The neat wheel trims add to its lithe, aerodynamic appearance.

    This bike performs at a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour, powered by a 250 watt brushless geared hub motor for great traction and plenty of power.

    And when it comes to sheer good looks, this bike will turn heads everywhere you go with its bright Flaming Yellow finish and flashy wheel trims. This eye catching e-bike also has the added advantage of easy visibility in low light, so as well as looking good, we think this is an added safety feature.

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade, switch to a hybrid, or buy your first electric bike the Atomic Switchblade gives you brains, brawn and beauty all in the one cool unit.

    Size & Fit

    A. Measured from the seat at its highest and lowest positions, to the floor, as shown in the “A” diagram.

    B. Size is measured from the centre of the crank (axle) to the seat at its highest and lowest positions, as shown in the “B” diagram.


    Measure Min Max
    A. Seat-to-Floor 98 cms (38 in.) 105 cms (41 in.)
    B. Seat-to-Crank 72 cms (28 in.) 79 cms (31 in.)


    Recommended if… Min Max
    Inseam between… 67 cms (26 in.) 88 cms (35 in.)
    Your height between… 145 cms (4′ 9”) 191 cms (6′ 13”)


    Notice: We have a “Fit-Right” guarantee, if the bike does not fit well, you can send it back for a full refund.

    The recommendation is based on the Greg LeMonde formula. It is most accurate if you know your actual inseam height. As an alternative, an approximation is used based on height.

    To measure your inseam, do the following:

    1. Hold a thick book between your legs, place it high exerting some pressure as you would feel when sitting on the bike.
    2. Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    3. Keep your feet at shoulder width
    4. Ask a friend to measure from the book spine to the floor or mark on the wall and then measure.
    5. This is your inseam measure.

    Additional Information

    Total Weight

    20 kgs (44 lbs)


    250-watt, Intelligent 1:1 Pedal Assist


    Aluminium alloy

    Front Suspension

    Aluminium alloy Swing articulated fork by SR Suntour


    Flaming Yellow + Black


    Shimano 7-speed

    Battery Range (avg)

    55 kms

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