Women’s Electric Bike – Arctic Alabaster White


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Women's Electric City Bike, Suntour NEX Front Suspension, Arctic Alabaster White, Aluminium frame, Shimano ALTUS components, Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, 250-watt electric motor.

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    Let’s face it – most of us need to get to work, and unless you’re living the dream and get to work from home, it usually involves an often lengthy commute. Sure, you can drive. Or take public transport. Those are great options but with obvious downsides, like being stuck in traffic, waiting for buses and trains which often don’t arrive when you need them, and of course the cost factor. Another option that is becoming more and more widely favoured for the daily commute is electric assisted pedal power, or pedelec.

    You could argue that a normal pushbike has more fitness benefits, but with an electric city bike, you have the option of turning the motor on or off. You can use your own (super) human efforts, and when the going gets tough you have a little help at your fingertips.

    Pedalling as normal will do wonders for your health, but do you really want to arrive at work sweaty, exhausted and in need of a shower before that meeting you’re almost late for?

    And here’s another thing. If you suffer from physical restrictions like bad knees or dicky ankles, but still want to enjoy the feel of the wind in your hair, then an electric bike will restore the smile to your face.

    The Motor – Power assisted perfection

    Our super sleek, stunning city bike is the best of all worlds. It’s a speedy, fun and good looking package that allows you to confidently cycle for as long as you want, and help you dodge the worst of the traffic that a 4-wheeler will need to endure.

    The formidable 250 watt electric motor can work beautifully with your energy levels. It’s beautifully tucked away on the rear hub, and while mid-drive motors are definitely useful for certain types of biking, this nimble little unit will always deliver a surprising, super smooth torque transfer directly to the spinning wheel. And here’s the good part. You can reach a healthy, robust 25 kph assistance. Perfect for those mornings when you just can’t find the energy to do it all yourself.

    Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery – Leading the charge

    Nothing but the best when it comes to staying power. This perfectly packaged city bike features a top-of-the-line Samsung lithium-ion tubular battery pack. Depending on certain variable conditions like rider’s weight, speed of travel, type of road conditions etc., the battery can crank out up to 10.2 amp hours – or a really cool 60 kilometres of stress less cycling per charge. That equates to a ride that’s as effortless or as intensive as you want it to be.

    The space saving, innovative battery placement is another plus, conveniently concealed inside the frame, so you don’t need to worry about it with the smooth operation of your bike.

    And even though you can’t judge a book by its cover (or so they say), aesthetically the spunky, eye-catching Arctic Alabaster finish is a sure-fire head turner

    Aluminium alloy framework – Light as a feather, tough as nails

    The city bike is a transport dream both aerodynamically and anatomically. It boasts an impressive SR Suntour NEX front fork suspension to keep your ride flawlessly smooth (not to mention every hair in place during your commute).

    The bike produces minimum road buzz, is easy to navigate and will give you a super comfortable ride whether you choose to pump the pedals or let the machine do the work.

    Shimano Altus components – Job done, mission accomplished

    This bike’s groupset components are about as reliable as you could hope for. Shimano is one of the biggest names in electric bike components and they certainly complement this classy city bike in every way. The 8-speed gears, brakes, chainsets and derailleurs are all part of a perfectly packaged piece of road machinery that anyone would be proud to own.

    On-board computer and displays – No guesswork involved

    The advanced multi-function LCD on board computer can track speed, distance and time, and provides optimum control of the bike with any level of assistance you desire. You can record your miles and display your speed as you ride with a cool bright backlit display that is easy to read. The handy LED rate indicator displays need-to-know information about the remaining battery charge, so that if you’re relying on something other than your own pedal power, you’ll always be in the know.

    Carrying Capacity – It’s a work horse as well

    This stunning bike also sports a back-rack with the carrying capacity up to 25 kgs. This makes it perfect for schlepping home those office files you need to work on after hours, or can just as easily bring home your weekly grocery shop. And the best part is that when you engage the pedal assist, you’ll never get bogged down with all that extra weight.

    The electric city bike is a win-win for anyone wanting to ditch the pollution, stress, cost and time factor associated with the humdrum daily commute.

    Size & Fit

    A. Measured from the seat at its highest and lowest positions, to the floor, as shown in the “A” diagram.

    B. Size is measured from the centre of the crank (axle) to the seat at its highest and lowest positions, as shown in the “B” diagram.


    Measure Min Max
    B. Seat-to-Crank 61 cms (24 in.) 70 cms (28 in.)


    Recommended if… Min Max
    Inseam between… 69 cms (27 in.) 79 cms (31 in.)
    Your height between… 150 cms (4′ 11”) 186 cms (5′ 8”)


    Notice: We have a “Fit-Right” guarantee, if the bike does not fit well, you can send it back for a full refund.

    The recommendation is based on the Greg LeMonde formula. It is most accurate if you know your actual inseam height. As an alternative, an approximation is used based on height.

    To measure your inseam, do the following:

    1. Hold a thick book between your legs, place it high exerting some pressure as you would feel when sitting on the bike.
    2. Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    3. Keep your feet at shoulder width
    4. Ask a friend to measure from the book spine to the floor or mark on the wall and then measure.
    5. This is your inseam measure.

    Additional Information

    Total Weight

    18 kgs (40 lbs)


    250-watt, rear hub, pedal assist


    19-inch aluminium alloy


    SR Suntour NEX front fork suspension


    Arctic Alabaster White

    Battery Range (avg)

    60 kms


    Shimano Altus

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