Double-Suspension MTB – Midnight Eclipse Matte Black


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Electric Mountain Bike, Double Suntour Suspension, Midnight Eclipse Matte Black, Aluminium frame, Shimano ALTUS components, Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, 250-watt electric motor.

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    Electric mountain bikes take the joy of pedal-plus-power to another level. With an electric MTB, it won’t be long before you become an enthusiast who lives for the weekends to scale the trails, and tackle the thrill of the hills.

    Our rugged electric MTB is a superb high specification electric bike that’s not only a tough workhorse, but will attract lots of admiring looks with its handsome Midnight Eclipse matte finish. It’s built tougher from the wheels up, and the versatile design will allow you to go pretty much anywhere you want!

    Mountain biking is an exciting sport but it can be much more labour intensive negotiating rough terrains and steep, slippery hills. An electric MTB allows you to cover more ground in a day, so you can really make the most of your experience and take in more of the scenery.

    The Motor – Mountain climbing made easy

    Our electric mountain bike is designed primarily to tackle off-road adventures so it’s built tougher from the wheels up.

    With a motor to help, it means you still get a workout, but you can budget your energy by setting the bike to the exact level of pedal assistance (PAS) you require. You won’t have to ride out of the saddle, clambering your way up a gruelling hill (unless you really want to, of course). With the assistance of a powerful 250 watt electric motor, you can remain seated, and by shifting your weight to the back end, you can ride up at a steadier cadence. An electric bike will grip the surface, allowing your energy to propel the bike forward, rather than having it slide around.

    Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery – More power for longer

    A top-of-the-line Samsung lithium-ion tubular battery pack provides up to 10.2 amp hours – or a whopping 70 kilometres of worry-free mountain biking. This means that even in the roughest environment, you can spend longer out amongst it.

    Battery life does depend, however, on certain variables including speed, terrain, rider’s weight etc.

    The battery is conveniently concealed inside the frame, which is a particular advantage for electric MTBs, given that they’re more exposed to rougher treatment. But without a bulky battery pack suspended from your framework, you can operate your bike much more smoothly and without interference.

    Full suspension – An easier landing

    Mountain biking is a diverse sport, but enthusiasts and part time participants alike will know that gravity is a big part of the picture and bumps are inevitable, so tough suspension is key. A suspension fork at the front of the bike and a shock absorber at the rear means that the wheels can move easily up and over bumps, roots, rocks and other obstacles making a much smoother ride.

    Mountain bike suspension forks vary massively when it comes to travel, shock damping ability, stiffness and weight.

    Our electric mountain bike boasts a SR Suntour XCM front fork. It has a super tough 30mm stanchions and extra wide and sturdy130mm pitch. This heavy duty addition provides vastly improved stiffness and strength so it functions well on any setting and any trail whether climbing or descending. A major advantage of these forks is that when the components wear out (and let’s face it, nothing is indestructible), they’re easily replaced by simply inserting a new substitute cartridge.

    The rear shock absorber is a top-of-the line adjustable hydraulic SR Suntour Epicon LOD. It also features a suspension lockout lever which works as a complete stop for smooth climbs to make your ride more economical on more even terrain.

    Damping is remarkably efficient and with a maximum air pressure of 300 psi, even the more hefty riders can enjoy a smoother, easier ride.

    Framework and Groupset – The brains and the brawn

    The frame is constructed from lightweight 19-inch aluminium alloy which may look sleek but is way tougher than it appears. It loads and travels easily and can take on the most arduous terrains in almost any location.

    It has front and back mechanical ventilated disc brakes for ultimate safety and ease of maintenance and replacement.

    On board is an advanced multi-function LCD computer that allows you full control of the MTB and offers various levels of assistance depending on your specific requirements.

    The Shimano ALTUS components are resilient and dependable, featuring an effortless and light feeling gear lever action, perfect for dyed-in-the-wool mountain bikers who want reliable shifts and adjustable lever travel. The brakes, chainsets and derailleurs are all seamlessly integrated to create an unrivalled package of MTB excellence.

    This is truly a superb bike to ride, and while it’s built to withstand the steepest challenges off road, it functions just as well on road simply by swapping your tyres.

    Size & Fit

    A. Measured from the seat at its highest and lowest positions, to the floor, as shown in the “A” diagram.

    B. Size is measured from the centre of the crank (axle) to the seat at its highest and lowest positions, as shown in the “B” diagram.


    Measure Min Max
    A. Seat-to-Floor 89 cms (35 in.) 105 cms (41 in.)
    B. Seat-to-Crank 60 cms (24 in.) 76 cms (30 in.)


    Recommended if… Min Max
    Inseam between… 68 cms (27 in.) 86 cms (34 in.)
    Your height between… 147 cms (4′ 10”) 186 cms (5′ 10”)


    Notice: We have a “Fit-Right” guarantee, if the bike does not fit well, you can send it back for a full refund.

    The recommendation is based on the Greg LeMonde formula. It is most accurate if you know your actual inseam height. As an alternative, an approximation is used based on height.

    To measure your inseam, do the following:

    1. Hold a thick book between your legs, place it high exerting some pressure as you would feel when sitting on the bike.
    2. Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    3. Keep your feet at shoulder width
    4. Ask a friend to measure from the book spine to the floor or mark on the wall and then measure.
    5. This is your inseam measure.

    Additional Information

    Total Weight

    18 kgs (40 lbs)


    250-watt, rear hub, pedal assist


    19-inch aluminium alloy

    Front Suspension

    SR Suntour XCM front fork

    Rear Suspension

    Adjustable hydraulic SR Suntour Epicon LOD


    Midnight Eclipse Matte Black


    Shimano ALTUS

    Battery Range (avg)

    70 kms

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