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Ultralight Electric Mountain Bike, White Mag Wheels, Front Fork Suspension by SR Suntour, Arctic White + Red Accents, Aluminium frame, 21-speed Shimano, 250-watt electric motor.

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    Small price. Great features.

    Electric mountain bikes take the joy of pedal power to another level. With an electric mountain bike, before long, you’ll become an enthusiast who lives for the weekends to scale trails and tackle the thrill of the hills.

    But if you suffer the woes of dicky knees and tricky ankles then you’ll just love the idea of power assistance. Electric mountain bikes allow you to enjoy the scenery and off-road terrains without too much over-exertion. And for this, our Shine Run model is perfect for you.

    While this model is essentially a mountain bike for the newbie rider, it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality. The Shine Run is built to high standard specifications but comes at an affordable price.

    Enjoy the ride

    It boasts a Suntour aluminium alloy front fork suspension which helps to provide a smoother and more comfortable riding experience. A 250 watt brushless motor provides phenomenal levels of power, and can make light work of steep hills and long journeys allowing you to relax and enjoy the view.

    Lots of Juice

    Providing power to the motor is a lightweight but powerful 36 volt lithium battery, giving you a respectable 8 amp hours, and charging from empty in 6-8hours. Lithium technology means not only lighter weight but extended battery durability so you can ride further, for longer

    Electric Power or Calorie Power, you decide

    The Shine has a quality Shimano outer 21 gear derailleur, giving added flexibility when riding with or without powered assistance. So if you feel a little more energetic and wish to turn the motorised assistance off and run on muscle power, or run out of battery, then having the right gear makes life easier.

    The Shine Run has front and back mechanical ventilated disc brakes for ultimate safety and ease of maintenance and replacement.

    A real show pony

    And just in case you care about outward appearances, the Shine Run is certainly something of a show pony. It comes in a spunky Arctic Alabaster finish and very cool mag wheels, ensuring that you’ll fit in perfectly with the electric mountain biking set.

    Size & Fit

    A. Measured from the seat at its highest and lowest positions, to the floor, as shown in the “A” diagram.

    B. Size is measured from the centre of the crank (axle) to the seat at its highest and lowest positions, as shown in the “B” diagram.


    Measure Min Max
    A. Seat-to-Floor 81 cms (32 in.) 96 cms (38 in.)
    B. Seat-to-Crank 54 cms (21 in.) 70 cms (28 in.)


    Recommended if… Min Max
    Inseam between… 61 cms (24 in.) 80 cms (32 in.)
    Your height between… 150 cms (4′ 11”) 184 cms (6′)


    Notice: We have a “Fit-Right” guarantee, if the bike does not fit well, you can send it back for a full refund.

    The recommendation is based on the Greg LeMonde formula. It is most accurate if you know your actual inseam height. As an alternative, an approximation is used based on height.

    To measure your inseam, do the following:

    1. Hold a thick book between your legs, place it high exerting some pressure as you would feel when sitting on the bike.
    2. Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    3. Keep your feet at shoulder width
    4. Ask a friend to measure from the book spine to the floor or mark on the wall and then measure.
    5. This is your inseam measure.

    Additional Information

    Total Weight

    22 kgs (48 lbs)


    250-watt, Intelligent 1:1 Pedal Assist, rear hub


    Aluminium alloy

    Front Suspension

    Aluminium alloy fork by SR Suntour


    Arctic White with Red accents


    Shimano 21-speed

    Battery Range (avg)

    8 Ah – 50 kms


    26 x 1.95 Kenda Tyres. White mag wheels.

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