VENUS Carbon Fiber Fork250-watt Rear Hub Motor

Venus Electric Road Bike w/ Carbon Fork


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Electric Road Bike, Midnight Eclipse Matte Black, Aluminium frame, Carbon Fork, Shimano Sora components, Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, 250 watt electric motor.

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    Once you’ve enjoyed the experience of riding an electric road bike, it’ll change the way you view the concept of exercise versus transport.

    The sleek, stunning new Venus electric road bike in Midnight Eclipse matte black, is the perfect amalgamation of muscle and motor. A new dimension in movement, atop a lean, mean riding machine.  An almost pollution-free alternative to a car or motor bike, yet a temptingly energy-saving alternative to full time furious pedal pumping.

    You can commute to work without arriving in a lather of perspiration. You can do a quick grocery dash up and down hills with minimal effort. You can get your daily exercise and navigate traffic with less likelihood of being honked at by irate, impatient motor vehicle drivers.

    The Motor – Power assisted perfection

    The Venus electric road bike is the best of both worlds – a speedy, fun package that allows you to confidently cycle for longer, and more often. You can still reach your fitness goals, but when it gets a bit tough on the slopes, the gutsy, commanding power of the 250 watt electric motor can take the edge off your efforts. Efficiently concealed on the rear hub, the motor is designed to be both minimally seen and heard. While mid-drive motors on some electric bikes do have their place, this lithe, rear drive unit delivers a top notch, super smooth torque transfer directly to the spinning wheel, with up to a robust 25 kph assistance.

    Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery – Longer staying power

    The Venus boasts a top-of-the-line Samsung lithium-ion tubular battery pack which provides up to 10.2 amp hours – or a whopping 70 kilometres of worry-free cycling. This depends of course on variables including rider’s weight, terrain, temperature, speed etc., but once factored, it all adds up to a ride that’s as effortless as you want it to be. The battery is conveniently concealedinside the frame. No bulky, heavy battery packs dangling from the framework to interfere with the smooth operation of your bike.

    Carbon Fibre Framework – Aerodynamic excellence

    The Venus is aerodynamically and anatomically a picture of precision thanks to its super tough carbon fibre fork. Apart from its obvious purpose of holding and steering the front wheel, a bike’s fork can dramatically affect its geometry and handling. It make a big difference to how your bike feels in terms of comfort and ease of navigation, not to mention reducing road buzz. The overall performance of the Venus is enhanced by carbon’s renowned combination of low weight – an average of one third the weight of steel – and superior stiffness. The rest of the frame is constructed from sleek 19-inch ultralight aluminium alloy, and the entire picture is presented in an eye-catchingly impressive finish, aptly described as Midnight Eclipse.

    Shimano Sora components – The heart and soul

    It’s been said that a bike is defined by the quality of its groupset components. As far as reliability goes, you’d be hard pressed to find more resilient, dependable and quality road bike components than the Shimano Sora. Shimano components are unwaveringly top notch. The gear lever action on the Venus road bike is smooth and light feeling, perfect for the road rider, who wants reliable shifts and adjustable lever travel. The brakes, chainsets and derailleurs are all seamlessly integrated to create an unrivalled package of electric biking excellence.

    On-board computer and displays – The brains

    The Venus comes complete with an advanced multi-function LCD computer on board, which tracks speed, distance and time, and provides full control of the bike with multiple levels of assistance. Record your miles and show your speed as you ride with a bright backlit display that is both neat and easy to read.  This is a super slim unit that integrates beautifully with the Venus and includes a host of configuration options for your personal adaptation. Additionally, it has a state of the art LED rate indicator, which displays need-to-know information about the remaining battery charge.

    Size & Fit

    A. Measured from the seat at its highest and lowest positions, to the floor, as shown in the “A” diagram.

    B. Size is measured from the centre of the crank (axle) to the seat at its highest and lowest positions, as shown in the “B” diagram.


    Measure Min Max
    A. Seat-to-Floor 83 cms (33 in.) 100 cms (39 in.)
    B. Seat-to-Crank 59 cms (23 in.) 78 cms (31 in.)


    Recommended if… Min Max
    Inseam between… 67 cms (26 in.) 88 cms (35 in.)
    Your height between… 145 cms (4′ 9”) 191 cms (6′ 13”)


    Notice: We have a “Fit-Right” guarantee, if the bike does not fit well, you can send it back for a full refund.

    The recommendation is based on the Greg LeMonde formula. It is most accurate if you know your actual inseam height. As an alternative, an approximation is used based on height.

    To measure your inseam, do the following:

    1. Hold a thick book between your legs, place it high exerting some pressure as you would feel when sitting on the bike.
    2. Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    3. Keep your feet at shoulder width
    4. Ask a friend to measure from the book spine to the floor or mark on the wall and then measure.
    5. This is your inseam measure.

    Additional Information

    Total Weight

    12 kgs (26 lbs)


    Midnight Eclipse Matte Black




    Carbon fiber


    250-watt, rear hub, pedal assist


    Shimano Sora

    Battery Range (avg)

    70 kms

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